My two favorite steaks and some good Irish Whiskey

As you all know I love TBone and Ribeye steaks! So last Saturday I went to my butcher and got him to cut my TBone and Ribeye of choice for me.


The beauty of a TBone is one side of the bone is a fillet and the other side is a sirloin. So best of both worlds. A  Porter Steak is a TBone steak that has a large fillet and a equally large sirloin that comes from the same cut but just from one side where the fillet is the biggest . its goes down to where the sirloin goes larger and the fillet smaller .Amazing isnt it  ? On this TBone the fillet is the smaller side.


IMG_5527 The ribeye is another beast ! So much flavor and extremely juicy. The secret is that you need loads of marbling. Marbling is a small amount of little bits of fatty grain in the meat spread out. Not the same as a fatty strip thats at the end of a sirloin or rib eye . These bits of marbling stops the meat from drying out and just adds to extreme flavor. If its a good steak you could pay £95stg for a kilogram of ribeye in a London butcher! Thank goodness we aren’t paying those prices in Ireland as the rents arent as high here as London.  Dry aging and long hanging of the carcass obviously contributes to a good steak. My test is always if a steak has been aged properly there will be no blood or near no blood in the packet that you purchased the meat in from the butcher.


The TBone steak was very thick and much thicker than the Ribeye steak.So because I like my steaks rare I still had to start grilling the TBone  before the Ribeye. My Kamado Joe maintained the same constant temperature and then when i was ready to start the Ribeye I opened the vents and the Temperature doubled instantly. This gave my Ribeye and  TBone a lovely searing on the outside but I still had beautiful juicy rare steaks.This was my lunch. That night I opened the vents again on my Kamado Joe and made some lovely stone baked wood fire oven taste pizzas

Look at the lovely salad.Never say I don’t cater for the vegetarians!IMG_5533IMG_5521

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