Breakfast brunch – Kamado Joe

As you are well aware we haven’t had a great summer this year in Ireland.Despite the heatwave that hit Europe in July. This Sunday morning 2 August 2015 bank holiday  weekend wasn’t  a particularity great day either. So I decided in the rain to have a little breakfast brunch.

On the menu was South African sausage called boere wors, tomato union and garlic sauce with some toast all done on the BBQ. Simple but lovely food. There was obviously loads of lovely herbs in my tomato union,garlic sauce. I know breakfast normally includes eggs , rashers, beans and some more but wanted something different. All these can also be done on a BBQ as all my regular followers know ANYTHING can be done on a bbq.

Below is a small YouTube video that I made while I was cooking the brunch . Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy it as much as what I did making it and eating it!

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