Beef Short Rib aka Jacobs Ladder — Step by step


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IMG_5567Beef rib is a very underrated not common rib . Its also know as Jacobs ladder. A single rib bone is more than enough for a person if you having sides with the rib.There was 3 rib bones in this rib that I got from my Butcher

But when its still raw its not a pretty sight. And as you can see from below picture the rib bone isn’t visual as the above picture is very visual.Its the same piece of meat but above has shrunk from the heat and cooking for nearly 6hours. So don’t go and pre-trim “french rack ” as you would do with lamb ribs. You will waste the meat and the heat will do the same thing for you. This “ugly” looking top skin is what you will use as the bottom and will take all of the heat. The bone is just below that and the bone and this skin will protect the meat from the elements.

IMG_5537IMG_5541Put some dry rub onto the meat and try to pat it into the fat and sides showing the meat.

There is only one way to cook this for so long a period on a bbq and that is by indirect heat . And it has to be at a low controlled heat. But we can discuss different methods of indirect cooking but the principle is the same. Indirect is like an oven with a fan, the heat is everywhere. A bbq that has hot coals and meat directly above the heat from the coals is direct method. Indirect can either be achieved by foil under the meat to stop the direct heat, in a dish that you might add some vegetables to your meat later or moving the coals so that it’s only on one side of your bbq and not directly below your meat.  The problem with these dishes is they sometimes conduct heat also and speed up the cooking process. The better and more preferred method is a deflector plate somewhere between your coals and your bbq grate.If you don’t have a deflector plate put your coals on one side of the bbq and do as I did further down in this article by moving/ changing the sides exposed to more heat.  My Kamado Joe bbq has two deflector plates that turns it into a wood fired oven. For this cooking session I only used the one plate as I wanted to constantly add some Oak Whiskey Cask shavings. These shavings created a lovely extra wood -whiskey flavor.  The other reason was that in a few hours I was going to bbq some more meat when this Beef rib was ready on that section of my bbq. I wanted to use direct heat for my chicken kebabs and rib eye steak .I was also being lazy and didn’t feel like taking out the second deflector plate .In theory one should rather use both plates to get an even cook  because the side that is closer to the missing section will get more semi-direct heat. But I turned the sides and avoided this problem.

It was in for a total of 6,5 hours and when it was nearly ready I opened the vents which  increased my heat in the bbq and added my steak and kebabs.When the kebabs and steak were ready I put them in a dish to rest and cut my ribs along the bones to let any excess  fat drip off into my bbq. Thank you for reading this. Please see below some more photos and a full step by step album in my facebook that I will provide a link for at the bottom.






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