BBQing in Ring, Clonakilty Co Cork

I was fortunate enough to spend a entire week in the Ring , Clonakilty, Co Cork ,Ireland .  The Ring is in my mind sort of in Clonakilty next to it .The Ring is the mouth of the estuary before it  runs into Clonakilty that’s 3-4km inland from the sea.


It was a pre decided week of no technology related modern normal communications methods  like emails or twitter or social media,Blog etc. And because of this there isn’t too much recorded evidence of what I was up to bar a few photos and a small video clip of 3 of my BBQ. The rest was just for me and my own enjoyment .


Clonakilty is a lovely spot and when I say Clonakilty I put the Ring also in the same phrase . Clonakilty is a town with all the normal town things but better !  Its a place I will most definitely revisit . And then there is the famous Clonakilty Black Pudding . We also had some of the famous Clonaklity pork sausages .Clonakilty is a real “Foodie” place and can almost say has a touch of Bohemian to it with its wine bars and weekly market that even has good live music to entertain the crowd . I managed to get invited by one of the musicians  Dónal O’Sullivan in this market to a wine bar for a few glasses of wine and was introduced to all his mates . What a talented person ,he was telling my that he has just finished a book and is starting on his second now. That’s  what I mean when I say this is a very different unique place Clon .I also discovered this lovely pub with a brilliant atmosphere  on The Ring called Kitty Macs. The proprietor Frank was even gracious enough to recommend his competitor pub about a km away for excellent seafood that’s served daily.He made us feel very welcome and special and think I can call this my LOCAL now when I am in Clonakilty.


The only evidence of BBQ that I have is one video clip of me with a Steak and some of the famous Clonakilty pork sausages .  The second is a few shots from start to finish of a Fish paella that I must say was lovely . And the 3rd BBQ was of some Chicken kebabs and some BBQ flat bread made on the grate . I brought one of my easy dismantled BBQ’s  Carri Chef 2 by CADAC with me as most holiday homes in Ireland don’t come standard with BBQ equipment. Trust me I checked before I went if there might be a BBQ and they said no! I also used a brilliant portable gas gadget with my BBQ. This is a small  carry-cased unit called ” Power Pak 1000″ by CADAC it takes 2* 500g threaded gas canisters . And its not much bigger than the 2 canisters put together. This converts to the same as having one of the Big 12kg  gas canisters. And its the best of both worlds as its Butane Propane mix . The 2 BBQ and 3rd BBQ-paealla had no problems with this pack considering I was at the edge of the Atlantic ocean that was very windy during my visit . And the best thing is it seams like the canisters hardly used anything judging by each individual weight when unscrewed .The beauty about this Power Pak 1000 is that no matter what brand of BBQ you use it will power it unless it has too many burners that even a big bottle will battle with .So they weren’t narrow minded when they made this as it uses a standard gas hose fitting that all other BBQ brands can use .



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