The Joy of using a Kettle BBQ is that you can regulate the vents

Kettle BBQ’s come in different sizes and shapes . Mostly they are in the round sort of kettle shape hence the name kettle BBQ. The model that I will be using for my demonstration is a Cadac Charcoal PRO 57 cm . It has 3 different vents . Two on the top of the kettle lid and one at the bottom . The one at the bottom also acts as a ash bowl that’s used to regulate the air control and can be emptied to discard of the ash. Not all BBQ’s have a vent that acts as a ash bowl. The main idea of vents is for airflow and to restrict – slow down the burning of the fire/coals or increase the burning . These vents also help when smoking food for flavor or for indirect cooking method. You could almost entirely choke the fire by closing the vents and this will slow down your fire if burning too fiercely and give you longer burning time . You will then have to regulate it to give it some air as not to entirely choke it and ultimately kill the fire . The good part about the lid is that you can use it as a wind shield and also retain heat in the BBQ. This means less charcoal to be used and shorter cooking time for a normal BBQ .