Sustainable Charcoal Lough Derg

16 Jan2013 was a wet cold winters day. The thermometer outside read 4,5 but think with the wind chill it could have been 1 or 0 degrees C.  I decided to have a BBQ/ Braai and test out this sustainable Charcoal from Lough Derg Ireland . Because its local to Ireland I wanted to see what its like for my own eyes. Charcoal is a very important thing if you want to have a successful BBQ. Its natural and can give you intensives heat if its the correct stuff. The problem with loads of charcoal on the market its treated with chemicals/petroleum based products  to ignite it quickly . The treated charcoal is what you want to stay away from . Also try source local because it can normally be inspected at source and its not traveling half way around the world so better for the environment. Because Ireland is such a wet damp place its very hard to get proper hard dry wood and thats why its also better to use sustainable locally sourced charcoal because it will be dryer than most wood and burn more consistently with more intense heat. I know its not always cheaper to source local but if you shop around you can get some good sustainable charcoal that you know where it comes from . And sustainable Charcoal is sourced from sustainable forestry which is a win win situation for all. And considering how windy it was and cold the atmospheric temperature is I think that this charcoal fared very well . It does what it says on the bag and could easily be the best I have ever used in Ireland  .

Please see link and detail below where to purchase. They tell me they also do bigger bags and can deliver via courier also at a very reasonable price

Click here to check out Biochar Ireland

Biochar Ireland , Sold locally in:
Killaloe Farmers Market

Available in 3 kg bags.
Orders can be taken for larger quantities.

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