Summer is nearly here but seems so far away and some more NEWS!

I am never bothered by the winter weather in Ireland. And, as you all know, I normally cook outdoors in extreme weather. But I have had enough of this weather. The last 2 weeks has been some of the worst weather I have seen in years during the end of March.

We had some lovely sunny days in February / January which were very promising  but what happened ?

IMG_1792AS you all know I love BOEREWORS   South African Sausage. And with all my constant talk of it I have influenced some of my fellow FOOD Bloggers in the UK like  Marcus  from ” COUTRYWOODSMOKE     “  to start experimenting with it. He was so blown away with the flavours and textures of the BOEREWORS that he decided to write a article on Boerewors and give BBQMASTERCLASS some credit for tempting him to cook and eat it. Please click on his link and read the article, its very good.

Next weekend I will be partaking in a tasting event at HILLSIDE Nursery Centre  where we will be doing a few different things on BBQ’s to demonstrate the flexibility and giving you the chance to taste food cooked on a BBQ. Hillside stocks a full range of CADAC   BBQ , patio and camping products .




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