Who says you cant smoke fish with gas and then get the same wood smokey oak flavour ?  Now you thinking that South African has lost his mind or sold out on his believes or standards of real wood or lumpwood charcoal fires  . What I did was take a roasting pan that fits a particular BBQ of mine (Cadac Carri Chef 2) fill it with  oak Whiskey wood chips from the casks of Teeling Whiskey put a steel grate over this to separate the wood chips from the fish. Then the normal heat that would be applied from the gas and warm up the roasting pan does the same with the wood chips and viola creates most natural beautifully smelling smoke you can imagine!

smoked cod 003

Then I keep the lid on as you would when doing a bbq or roasting something and this in turn traps all the smoke that  permeates through the fish .

smoked cod 002 This is a form of hot smoking that cooks and adds flavour to the fish .

smoked cod 006

As mentioned this is a way to easily get the same if not better benefits from smoking with out even lighting a fire . This will also be relevant or benefit  people that live in apartment blocks where there isn’t aloud to be smoke or smoke free zones as in theory you never even made a fire to create the smoke . Its subtitle but does the job and  and does it for a long period due to the regulating of the gas by turning it down or up .   And because of the heat from the gas it doesn’t take to long to cook either . So in my opinion the best of both worlds and everybody is happy !    Below is also a step by step on youtube . smoked cod 010

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