SMOKING Chicken on gas

As you are well aware I have been playing around with smoking food on my Gas BBQ . Its getting cooler now as winter is approaching so its also easier to smoke due to the coolness in the air.   When I say easy I mean that although its hot smoking it means the food doesn’t cook as easy due to the colder atmospheric temperature which helps in slowing down the cooking process and adds a more longer strong smoking flavour to the food with out over cooking the food.


And because I am a wood/charcoal fire fan I still have to proof to hard core non gas users that you can smoke food with gas . And its also a eye opener to the normal person that thinks a gas bbq doesn’t have that much scope . Please see the step by step youtube video guide on how to do it with chicken. But this can be done with any meats so enjoy and hope that you try doing some of it yourself







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