Its been far too long since I blogged and posted last ! No excuses but I have been busy working . That term that we all hate –the thing that takes up all my days, can interfere in ones social life and that pays the bills called WORK. I have even neglected all my BBQ friends and I am sorry for not visiting any of your BBQ/Twitter /Blogs and not contributing ( you all know who you are). It feels like the CONFESSIONS OF A BBQ ADDICT HAHAHAHA. 

Its  4,5 degrees Celsius and a glorious day and there is no wind so its calm and lovely clear and crisp. Yes no rain or snow its almost too good to be true . I have been craving a PREGO ROLL  all week

IMG_4945 TBH I was too lazy to make a charcoal fire and wanted a to just get cooking before the weather might change. So I used my Carri Chef 2. For those of you that dont know South Africa is surrounded by many cultures and countries in Africa that have contributed vastly to the rich heritage of South African food. Angola and Mozambique were former Portuguese colonies and when they gained independence vast amounts of Portuguese people came to South Africa .And that is why the PREGO ROLL is such a big thing there.There is many different variations and methods so not going to get to bogged down on that Its basically a steak in a roll . But not to think its like that . If you have ever eaten one it will make a big impression on you if you are a carnivore.

IMG_4948Its all the flavors that come together so well. There is Perri Perri , garlic , onions, butter and steak and more what ever you fancy. I used not a normal Carri Chef2 accesorie but another CADAC cast iron gridle that I have . What I like about it its very thick so it stores great heat . Its got a handle that hooks in or out very comfortably depending if you want to use it . But ones its hot you will need the handle and can even cook food a half an hour after its been off the fire due to the heat store in it . its also reversible and then other side is flat re fries ,eggs,fish etc . DOnt know if they still make them . Bit its a great piece of kit!  IMG_4953

Push thin sliced garlic slices into the steak. BBQ on griddle or grate on both side to give it grate griddle marks , rather extremely rare as you have to let it  wait so store it in a dish or rest on the side so that it doesn’t cook or over cook , At this point pour or make Perri Perri sauce on the steak let it sit in it. Take  a roll or chabatta bread brush spread it with garlic butter preferably garlic that you crushed toast this on the grate or griddle face down letting the butter garlic cook into the bread.Turn the bread on its hard side taking care not to damage the bread with extreme heat . Throw your steak back for a few seconds and dossing it with more  Perri Perri. Dress the inside of the roll with what ever you fancy end ENJOY .




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