Pot Food – The History

Pot Food – (Potjie Kos)

Potjie Kos is food cooked in a cast iron pot (aka Dutch Oven). This is casserole type of cooking and is cooked in the pot for a long time and very slowly. So a bad cut of meat which might be very tasty but extremely tough becomes succulent and tasty from the lenghty cooking in layers of vegetables

No. 1  (center pot) I use for sauce

No. 2 (left ) To make pap in or a small potjie. I use this for cooking Pap (South African) which is made from mielie meel (corn on the cob flour). If you can’t find this use Polenta, an Italian type of corn flour which resembles cous cous when raw is easier to find in Irish stores. The polenata is a suitable replacement for South African Pap. It’s surprising how much you can get into the number 2 pot. I have cooked for vast amounts of people in the number 2. The only problem is that it can get too crowded in this smaller pot so prefer to use No. 3 for larger parties.

 No. 3 (Right) is for most of my potjies when there is more people to cook for

This is another social aspect of outdoor cooking and takes hours. So get a nice glass of wine with good company and sit back and enjoy it .


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