Pancakes on Tuesday


Every Tuesday is pancake day! So, traditionally people only make pancakes in the house on the hob. But years ago it was done on GAS/fire inside or outside. And sometimes people only do it once a year on a Tuesday. In South Africa we normally have pancakes when it rains as its not that regular and at country or church fairs. But if it rains for a few days on end it will obviously only be done on the first day of rain. That’s my recollection of childhood in South Africa. So that’s why I have it every Tuesday in Ireland because the chance is it might rain or it might be the once a year day. So this means I have all the bases covered and don’t offend anybody.

And yes as you guessed I do it  on the BBQ / BRAAI .


Depends on the time of the day when you make the pancakes you can choose what to use as toppings and fillers !