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Wow this has been some summer . Most likely the best that I can remember in years. My youtube channel has been rather busy want to create a link to my channel from here . I will also be adding videos so please look back regularly for updates.  There is so many ways to cook outdoors and different ways to bbq and if i show you in a video how to do it on gas trust me it can be done on charcoal also and visa versa  when doing it on charcoal . As you all know i love charcoal lumpwood or real wood for a fire but most people use gas so I do a lot of stuff on the videos to proof to people that it can be done on gas . I dont want to alienate people and think that because I love charcoal I dont have time for you because you use gas.  Anybody that cooks outside with any thing makes me happy. At the end of the day its what you want to use and like to use. Also some people are forced to use gas due to the demographic location of their residence .

Below is the link and a few samples . DO check the entire channel please and as mentioned will be adding more on a regular basis. Thank you

Dirty Steak AKA Caveman

Chimney starter :

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