Last year myself and Bobby Brennan AKA KAMADO JOE had a annual BBQ date and I thought the KAMADO JOE  is a great piece of kit. It was a pleasure to see the master cook on the KAMADO JOE and see what it has to offer.

IMG_5457 So during the week I got a KAMADO JOE on Monday 27th July 2015. On Tuesday night I assembled it and myself and my mate Conor stared at it for a few hours having a few drinks. Opening and closing it staring at it like a sports car.It was very easy to assemble and the instruction were bang on!On Wednesday I made a small little lumpwood charcoal fire in it to play with my new toy. On Thursday I made a lumpwood Charcoal fire to BBQ Rib-eye steak and Chicken skewers.   IMG_5459The versatility and ingenious of the KAMADO JOE is proof when you unpack it. And wonder why not more people just use some common sense like this when designing BBQ’S.

There is two ceramic plates (deflector plate) half moon shape each and these are used for closing sections to have direct or indirect cooking positions.And the name that they use says it perfect “Deflector plate” I think older models had one solid piece not sure! These deflector plates are also used for baking,pizza in conjunction with a pizza stone  or slow indirect cooking.  And the photo above and the method I chose for my first BBQ session with my new KAMADO JOE  was the DIVIDE & Conquer method. This incorporates using the different levels and combining direct and indirect cooking method.More proof of the flexibility that comes standard with this BBQ.

See the way that there is different levels to sit the grate on . The bottom level is where the Deflector plate will sit above the coals. Side gaps and strategically placed holes in the firebox spreads heat along the fire ring if these Deflector plates are both used. If only one plate is used the direct heat will grill what is directly above on the grate and indirectly cook what is above the deflector plate. Then the grate can be lowered or set higher as you can see above where one grate is higher than the other .

IMG_5467 There is also a wonderful accessory that i still have to get my hands on which I saw last year when me and Bobby was grilling is a Grill expander IMG_4736

IMG_5449IMG_5477IMG_5481There is a wonderful gadget that comes with the BBQ called a GRILL GRIPPER and its brilliant and does what it says. Stainless steel gripper to lift and move your stainless steel grate with  no more burned hands trying to move the grateIMG_5484




Although my butcher has some of the best organic chicken and best Beef that money can buy it is amazing how much moister the meat and particularly the chicken was . Its a known characteristic of the KAMADO JOE that chicken and pork seams to be so much more moist when cooked on a KAMADO JOE but even I was amazed.

Looking forward to our annual BBQ in a few days!

Thank you BOBBY BRENNAN the KAMADO JOE is a wonderful  BBQ with great ingenuity and I love it .

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