MY ANNUAL BBQ with my mate !!

It’s this time of the year for me and BOBBY Brennan aka KAMADO JOE to have our annual BBQ. We are just normal blokes having a few beers, chatting and having fun cooking on the BBQ.  It’s an entire day event starting at about 9:40am. But at around 17:00 more or less  40-50 family and friends  arrive to eat and enjoy what has been cooked all day. Well there might be one or two people arriving around 3 but most after 5.

IMG_5499 As it’s still a bit of an unplugged BBQ there aren’t enough photos to justify the wonderful food and all the types of food that was cooked on the two KAMADO JOEs that were side by side. Please enjoy the few shots that were taken.

The KAMADO JOE  on the left above and the two photos below  is one of Bobby’s first grills from 2009. I said to him that he should put that one in the KAMADO JOE museum to show his first masterpiece .



These ribs cooked for about 6 hours and the meat sliced of like butter to a hot knife.


This is small little offcuts from the pork that we threw into the pot with beans.The color will change over time as the flavors are getting better. These beans were in the pot below the pork and all the drippings and the charcoal gentle smoke made these beans a wonderful meal to compliment the rest of the feast. The second photo from the top will demonstrate how the pot was below the pork under the grate  IMG_5493

This photo below has more than 30 chicken thighs with some homemade BBQ marinade. The Tomahawks in the center and some lovely homemade burgers . I always admire it when people make their own burgers and it’s so easy. We made these as we were sitting next to the grill.


Look at the scale of the “TOMAHAWK ” rib eye steak sized with my thumb on the left hand in the photo below.


This lovely bit of pork below was turned into pulled pork that was a hit with all. It was so soft from the very low heat and long time cooking on the charcoal fired BBQ.


See how the color has changed the beans in the pot since we started ! YUM YUM.




Above and below 1 of 5 pork fillets,home made burgers and some of the chicken thighs.


This is the life and it’s a wonderful lifestyle to be cooking on your BBQ spending time with family and friends. If you the reader BBQ on a regular basis you will understand! I hope this inspires non regular BBQ’ers to get out there and enjoy some good Grilling/BBQ.


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