Mediteranian style fish on the BBQ/ Braai

After the weekends bad weather and snow melting in the garden I felt like a BBQ /BRAAI. And as it is spring I decided to do a Mediterranean type fish meal on the BBQ. IMG_2194

I chose a large piece of COD and a Mackerel from my local fishmongers, Morgans. The cod was a lovely chunky piece of 745g and the Mackerel had been filleted so no need to clean it .

As you  might have noticed by now I love Mediterranean type cooking and use tomato in most things.IMG_2201

The Mackerel was grilled on the grate and the Cod was done on the griddle in chopped Tomato garlic , dill, parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary and lemon. When the the mackerel was almost done I let it soak on the griddle and then served. Who says you cant eat healthy and cheap. This entire meal for 3,5 adults cost less than €12.



IMG_2209IMG_2214IMG_2220Please view rest of photo album on  Facebook


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