Leg of Lamb de-Boned , Cod in Tomato and sausage Aka Boerewors

I decided during the week to get a leg of Lamb from my butcher. When we de boned it I added my herbs of rosemary,coriander,mint, some garlic cloves a few olives halved loads of olive oil and got the butcher to vacuum pack it for me . The leg of lam marinated in this for 48hours.


4 hours before I put it on the BBQ I basted it with a olive oil and diced anchovy , lemon rind ,pepper corns and some more rosemary paste that I made. Because its de boned “butterflied”  it will cook quicker on the bbq as you have it spread out . I turned it on the flesh side first to get a nice searing on the open flesh but be careful not to leave it on there too long . I then turned it over to the so called outside that would have been the outside before it was de boned fatty bit. This side is stronger and can take more of a beating than the open flesh .But be careful not to burn it or badly char it.Its all about taking your time . So stay away from FLAMES.  You might get the odd flare up from the Olive oil so its also important not to overdo you marinate/basting .But do keep it moist and use a brush to brush some on the flesh side regularly.Ad some coarse sea salt while its on the grate .

IMG_3967Above  photo is a great example of what “you should not be cooking on while there is flames” . This is the fire that will make lovely hot glowing embers to cook on. This type of fire will spoil your meat and you would be surprised how often I see people cooking on this type of BIG fire. Maybe people think the bigger the fire the better the BBQ?



This can can be done in a gas BBQ and Kettle BBQ. With the bad extremely cold wind chill weather we having in Europe and particularly  Ireland. Any BBQ that has a lid will be best suited for this BUT I do love making a fire in my big BBQ .And to add a wood smokey flavor to your GAS bbq you can use some wood chips. When I do use wood chips I prefer to use OAK Whiskey cask wood chips.Its a great way to ad some smokey flavor to your gas cooked BBQ food!

IMG_3974The other dishes today I almost consider as side dishes because the lamb is my star performer or main. I still have to talk about the Cod in Tomato & herbs and the Boerewors. I knew the Lamb was nearing the ready mark so I quickly put the Cod on the coals to get the heat going and BBQ’ed the Boerewors on the Grid.


I  check and make sure that the meat is cooked a handy and reliable way is to use one of the  meat thermometers with the sharp spikes that measures the internal temperature of the meat to establish if the meat is cooked or not. This is a good guideline to get the meat to your prefer level of cooking rare, medium rare ,or well done ( bare in mind chicken and pork have different rules to Beef and Lamb when it comes to cooking and not to be eaten rare so do check your guidelines if not sure). As the outside can sometimes be deceptive .





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