HAPPY NEW YEARS Wishes and Plans for 2013

Thank you to ALL that Liked and Followed what I was doing since August 2012. There will be a lot of interesting topics and pics covered in 2013.

I was hoping to announce before Christmas who will be my partners in supplying me with BBQ equipment but due to unforeseen circumstances out of everyones control I can’t make that announcement yet. So watch this space!!! Yes there has been a lot of behind the scenes work that I have been doing to make the class as informative and interesting as possible and to provide prospective students with the best equipment. I have also had some companies contact me to use and endorse their products. My philosophy is if I wouldn’t buy it I can’t recommend it. Some have even offered me freebies and promised money to promote their products. Most have been turned down. In the New year I will be showing people some of the interesting products and why I have chosen them. No I am not getting paid to use them. I am all ready using these products myself and hope you could also benefit from them.

The way that I am teaching people it doesn’t matter what BBQ brand you use you will be able to duplicate it when you get back home . When I use a certain brand of BBQ or Brand of accessory it just means that it works well for me and wont discredit what you use or choose to use .

Its all about the fun and outdoor cooking! I am planning to have loads of fun in 2013 and please look regularly  on the Facebook and Website .Please follow me on Twitter if you have Twitter .

Happy New Year