Its game season and time to have some lovely Venison steak on the BBQ.

venison 011I got some lovely Venison rump from my butcher William Baird today and decided to bbq it tonight. And because Halloween was last week I still had a carved out pumpkin at my BBQ area if you were wondering whats up with the pumpkin!

I also decided to accompany my venison  with some lovely round flat grid breads.That I quickly made up from some dough that I mixed up with some chillies and garlic.

Venison is a very healthy and lean meat to eat . Its not like most reared beef that doesn’t get much exercise . Deer is constantly running about . And that distinctive gamey flavor is one of the things that keeps bringing me back to game meat . I always feel very much in touch with nature when I either eat game birds or Venison. It also reminds me of my childhood in Africa hunting from a young age.  And you cant beat a venison stew!

I got a lump of Venison Rump from William and then cut the steaks from this lump. I decided to butterfly them to get a even grill as I cut them  nice and thick and to help them grill quicker.

venison 024  Unfortunately in the dark the flash makes it look far too bright compared to what it is and wish that people reading this could have experienced the lovely fresh calm Irish winters wet night .

venison 027

When the grid bread and Venison Rump steaks were cooked and in the pots ready to be taken off I realized that I forgot to get a still photograph of the steaks on the Grid. But Please see the video of the Venison Rump and the round flat grid breads being made.


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