GAME Season —Venison Burgers

As you all know I am not a fan of burgers on a BBQ . But my philosophy is that if you do put a burger on a BBQ it must either be homemade or as best by a reputable Butcher using the best quality meat and ingredients. I will not eat a burger that wasn’t made by the two above mentioned methods. But that doesn’t say that all butches burgers would meet this criteria either. And some burgers that butchers sell I wouldn’t even buy to give to a dog.

Venosn burgers 002 And because this is GAME season my Butcher William Baird asked me if I would like to try some Venison Burgers. William knows me well from coming to my BBQ’s and buying meat from him I don’t do burgers. Coming from him I know that I can trust that they will be top quality.

Venosn burgers 005

Venison is a very lean meat and I think my butcher just got the mix right because if you don’t it can be very dry due to the low fat content of venison meat . I just got a lovely loaf of fresh brown bread and decided to make a old style traditional sandwich burger. Sometimes people can be hang-up by using traditional burger roles. But they might be these long life roles you get at news agents that taste  like old news paper with some ketchup in them.

They were lovely  !

Venosn burgers 008Venosn burgers 009Venosn burgers 010


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