Finding a Good Butcher


Its very hard to find a good butcher. A butcher is your best friend when you BBQ regularly . In South Africa a butcher is like a family member.  Now days most Butchers don’t even cut their own meat . This is a problem if you dont want to just eat burgers or a cut that isnt recognized by the butcher. Maybe they know the cut but because they just order pre cut steaks and meat they cant even cut you a custom piece. So if you want a thicker T Bone or bigger fillet / Sirloin its not possible. Don’t even try to ask for unusual cuts because they will just frown at you or make you look stupid. Unfortunately I know my cuts very well and have slaughtered animals before my teens until my twenties  growing up and hunting in Africa. So i dont take lightly when somebody professes to be a butcher but doesn’t know what I am talking about  or make as if its not done .

If you find a good butcher build up a relationship with him and tell him what you like and want.

I have been Googling for certain phrases and even that doesn’t bring up much in Ireland. Its sad to say but  England seams to have better more knowledgeable butchers. They seam to know what people want and then cater for it or maybe things are to easy here in Ireland so they dont have to be inventive or creative in what they sell . Maybe the public doesn’t have a pallet for these varieties that will be common in any other European or South African butcher . I have found a butcher that I still haven’t used but I like what I see so going to tell you more about him. Hope he doesn’t disappoint  me or anybody reading about this . He does online orders and delivers anywhere in the ROI and UK in sealed temperature controlled parcels . But this isnt what makes him different ! What makes him different is he know his stuff and also wrote a book . he seams to be just what I am looking for . And he is the only butcher that I found on GOOGLE that sells Beef Ribs  in Ireland. He sells Game also. Don’t get me wrong I have a few good butchers that I buy from but few have still impressed me as much as this man and I haven’t even bought a single thing from him. I have a good butcher in Castleblayney that makes the best Boerewors for me this side of South Africa .

So I will have to give this Butcher  Pat Whelan @ James Whelan Butchers  a go soon and see what he is like . They seam to have a talented team that work there and all the lads seam to be knowledgeable. So I can describe it almost as a ” Boutique”  butchers with a country flair. The type you might see in Europe.

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photos supplied byPat Whelan