Dirty Steak “AKA” Caveman Steak

I have been meaning to do a Caveman aka dirty steak for some time on this blog. Sorry !

I cook/bbq a lot of Dirty /Caveman steaks. My favorite is Ribeye, TBone and a good sirloin ,(tomahawk which is rib eye on the bone in the shape of a thomahawk axe ) . But I do chops , vegatables and many more “dirty”. The best thing about doing chops “dirty” that if you like the crispiness of the fat but also like you lambchop to be medium rare you can have the best of both worlds . The extremeheat contact with the coals has this affect as it crisps up the fat and your lamb Chop is still medium rare

So what is DIRTY/CAVEMAN??????

Its where you cook the meat directly on the coals with no grate/grid.

Points to remember:


1.)Use  Lumpwood charcoal or natural hardwood. Lumpwood is prefered as there is less dust but if you use proper hard wood there will be good solid warm coals – embers. Blow some dust away before putting your steak down. This isnt the same type of dust that you will experience from Charcoal brickets thats not to be used

2.) Only herbs or dry rub


1.) Don’t  Use Charcoal BRICKETS as they are powdery put together by binders and when they heat up they have too much fine dust and you dont know how natural they are .

2.) Dont use marinates or oil before you put your steak on the coals . Can add this just before you serve. Oils and marinates due to the oil content in marinates will cause massive flames and burn char the meat too much . You will end up with burned bitter meat.

Thank you and hope you enjoy this




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