Creating wood Smoking on a standard gas BBQ with a smoker box

As you all know I am a charcoal / wood fan but use gas also and would never say that using gas isn’t bbq. Even the gas bbq will create smoke from the fat and juices from the meats and build up of fat on the bbq and grate . This is why there are extractor fans in restaurants for gas type bbq’s and cookers.

IMG_4534But to get a woody natural smokey flavor when using a gas bbq you will have to be creative. There are many ways as you might have seen from previous videos and articles like how to smoke fish and chicken on my blog. But this time I used a smoking box. THIS IS CALLED HOT SMOKING. Cold smoking which is the opposite is best explained and to remember when you don’t want to normally cook something and also its done over a longer period and the best example is smoking butter to get what ever preferred flavor and this would normally be done in a cold smoker at around 4 + degrees if it was hot it wil melt the butter or cook the food. Hot smoking is at what ever cooking temperature and the hotter the quicker it will cook.

Some BBQ manufacturers have specially manufactured compartments and burners that a smoking box will sit into! If you don’t have one of these you will have to play around to see where the box will fit best on your bbq. Bearing in mind that the wood chips or pellets have to have access to a lot of heat to start the wood/chips smoking. I used Oak whiskey cask shavings. If you dont have one of these boxes make one from foil or any stainless / cast iron container.IMG_4525Holes like this one on the top helps to trap the smoke and then distribute constant amounts. Its important to use the lid also on your bbq to keep/trap this smoke in as the heat from the gas burners is cooking the meat and you dont have too long . This time I actually removed the entire lid of the smoking box as you will see in further photos and it worked quite well for me.

A good point to remember is to put this box in its position before you add your meat on the grate. The box firstly has to heat up and you want the smoke before or just to start as you put the meat on the grate.This is done because the smoke doesn’t last for ever but should give you enough for a normal bbq cook.

IMG_4506So after loads of experimenting over a long time I discovered that removing one of my 3 grates and  resting the smoker box on top of my burner reflector plate  between the two other grates that this works for me. It means that the smoking box is firm and securely sitting there and that the box wont fall over and spill the wood chips. Always remember DON’T DO SILLY   IRRESPONSIBLE things always be safe with your actions and think them thru properly before you do them . Do your research and see what works best and safest for your type of BBQ.

I though that there was a lovely smokey flavor to the meat.



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