CRAYCORT – Cast Iron Grate

cast iron 023I have always wanted one of these Cast Iron Grates from Craycort so was very excited when it arrived here on Friday 12th July . Craycort is a cast iron grate company that specialises in making grates for good quality BBQ brands that use standard sizes being it Gas or Charcoal. I knew that it would definetaly fit my CADAC 57cm charcoal Pro kettle . As a lot of you know I love cast iron potjie pots aka dutch oven .Its something that I have grown up with and part of my heritage.

cast iron 001

cast iron 011

And yes its nice and heavy sturdy piece of kit as expected from cast iron. Doesn’t look like any expense was spared in making this product  . SO what is it ? Its a Cast Iron Grate that divides into separate sections to get access to the fire but also to insert or change sections of the cast iron grate to griddles or pizza stone .  Obviously because this is for a kettle its divided into 4 sections like pie slices. All four these come as one with the grate frame included.So what you see in these photos is whats all part of this set. I think the grid lifter was optional extra.   These griddle ,vegetable and pizza stones inserts are extra optional extras and unfortunately was out of stock when I was inquiring about the grate.

cast iron 036

Because the cast iron grid is so thick and made of dense material it really holds the heat and warms up so that you get that shuuuuu noise when you put your meat or what you cooking on it.   And I don’t know about you but I love to hear that when a grid is warm . I can normally hear that on my CADAC Meredian Gas BBQ due to its thick grid. Its very easy to clean one of these cast iron grids as you just give it a good hard scrub with a steel brush and then maybe some cooking  oil and you ready to cook again .No worries that you might damage the grid or its coating because oiling it will protect it  . If you look after one of these by oiling it every time you finish BBQ it should last a lifetime. That’s why it pays sometimes to get a good quality BBQ brand like CADAC as companies like Craycort Cast Iron Grate make good grates that fit popular brands and sizes.

cast iron 017


cast iron 031cast iron 028chicken kebab boerewors 010

I cooked for my friends Child’s Christening  as a favor the Sunday after getting the grid. This was 30 rib eye steaks , 20 chicken fillets 20 burgers and a lot of sausages and the grid handled it self very well on the Kettle. I was happy that I could lift up the sections and add more coal from my chimney starter with out having to lift the entire grid. Sorry I only have left over photos of the chicken fillets as i was to busy to take photos . I used my gas BBQ in background to keep everything hot and served as a “hot plate”!  I am told that they have depot’s in UK and Europe but based in North America. The European depots are to save in postage money and ease of delivery. So yes I do like my new toy and can truly say its a good quality product!

chicken kebab boerewors 012

cast iron 002

cast iron 013

cast iron 004

spatchcock chicken 005

spatchcock chicken 007



rib eye craycort 003rib eye craycort 018

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