Chimney Starter for a Charcoal fire

People often ask me about chimney starters/fire Express. A chimney starter is almost like a flu pipe with a handle on the side of the chube . Its used to create lovely red glowing ember in 15-20 minutes and takes the fuzz out of waiting a long time for the lumpwood charcoal or brickets to turn into embers. Its a good indication or guideline to learn when to star BBQ .


I did a step by step You Tube video to show you how! Its important to remember to see flames coming out the top or coals forming on the top that’s when you tip the coals into the bbq. And only then you can almost start the bbq .

Its the best way to start a fire chemically/petroluem free because all you need is a bit of news paper to get your coals to ignite.

If you have a Kettle BBQ its best to have the Chimney starter going where your coals will normally sit on the fire grid. This is not only very convenient but also less messier and safer for kids and small pets. But if you use it outside the kettle it might light faster with more of a draw. So be carefull of kids ,pets then and also when transporting from where you lit it to the bbq that you dont mess any burning little coals that you or the kids might stand on. So plan your route that you going to walk to get to your bbq not to far. Two brick is a good idea if you not starting the chimney starter  in the bbq to use this stops you from killing the grass. If you have a hindged or CRAYCORT type grate you can just ad the coals from the chimney starter to the kettle on the fire grate  but if you dont please remove the grate first  before you empty the  coals into the BBQ on the fire grate .

The big plus from using a chimney starter is that while you cooking direct or indirect and you feel that your running low on embers its quick and easy to get some new coals going that will have embers when you adding them or topping up to your existing fire from the chimney star in 10-15min. There is nothing as worse to see people adding charcoal/brickets to a existing fire and they still have to ignite . Not only does this slow down the Cooking time with lower heat but you get that Toxic black smoke and sometimes flames .

A chimney starter teaches you how to use the same amount of charcoal every time and would surprise newcomers to the BBQ scene how little you actually need. Its also a good way to get coals spread out to where you want them for different zones of cooking and direct/indirect cooking .

Its advisable to use Kitchen or BBQ cloves.





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