Brunch in Extreme Weather


So we thought spring was here and got comfortable with the few days of sunshine that we got. But on the the weekend we got extreme freak weather. As you know the weather never stops me. So with snow reports for lower ground  and snow all ready on higher ground  I decided this bad weather wasn’t going to influence me and make brunch outside .

Beef & Pork sausages from a local butcher that I know and he makes good quality Irish sausages. Beans, tin of chopped tomatoes, onion and mushrooms. The sausages were not browned as you would normally do but allowed to cook in the juices of above mentioned and then browned on the warm part of the pan before serving. Oh yes and then the eggs were fried amongst the breakfast! Yes it looks messy but was lovely .      BUT  that’s not all of the story have to back track to the elements outside.

It was a very cold stormy day of 1.8 degrees C  with a wind chill close to  -2 or more. There was snow and some sleet every few minutes on the low ground but it wasn’t sticking. The mountains were getting thicker with snow cover and it was getting colder with the strong wind. This was all during breakfast time  and getting worse. When the atmospheric temperature is so cold its very hard to heat food and then get to cook it . I always stress this to people because in warmer countries they have a head start of around 30 or more degrees before they even ignite the bbq and can also be taken for granted. So please try to cook /BBQ the food and take your time and not rush. This is very important as outside isn’t a controlled environment and on colder days you need to put more charcoal/wood on or turn the gas on and take your time. Keep on checking your food and never say well it takes this long or that long to cook this or that on a BBQ it all depends on the elements . Its never the same !

Remember to maintain and  clean your BBQ equipment after use as you don’t want to be messing around cleaning before you cook on a day like this.  Its a good habit to get into and also easier. It does help also to try find shelter from the wind to make it easy on yourself when out there in these conditions but I always try to push the boundaries of my equipment on days like this!

Please have a look at the video to see the for yourself .






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