Boerewors —-South African Sausage
































I am collecting BOEREWORS ” south african sausage ” from my butcher Gerry Quinn, Quinn’s Butchers, Castleblaney today. It’s some of the best Boerewors that I have tasted. Gerry supplies the herbs mix and know how with my variation of the recipe. It’s like a lot of things there is the basic principles in making something and then there is every persons method and way of doing it. Well whatever Gerry does he does it well!

Every time I have somebody over for a BBQ and we have Booerewors they say please get us some of this when you order again. Irish people love it ! South Africans that have been in Ireland for some time now have tears in their eyes when they eat this boerewors. A friend was on route from Europe to SA in November and he says its some of the best boerewors he had in a long time only being out of South Africa for 2 weeks.

IMG_2165Its 50km there and 50km back but the 100km roundtrip is worth it and I have been doing it for years. You can probably wonder why I dont just get it couriered? I love meat and Butchers shop. There is a lot of buzz in QUINN’s butchers and I also look at what else they have and normally leave with more than just 10 kgs of boerewors . Like I always say there’s are few proper butchers that impress me in Ireland. Gerry is one of the few that I can rate . And the lads that work in there know their stuff!IMG_1792In SA people have Boerewors as part of a BBQ so every BBQ will automatically  consist of Boerewors and then steaks , Chicken or what else will be on the menu for the day . So its taken for granted that a butcher will just have it. My friends in SA cant understand that butchers in Ireland don’t make it . Suppose its the same as going into a pub in Ireland and they don’t  serve  Guinness .

Now looking forward to BBQ it !