BBQ Beer Can Chicken

IMG_5639I decided this week to do a BBQ Beer Can Chicken when I was going to watch the South African -Scotland rugby world cup game.

The great thing is you can watch TV now on play back or any other time that suits and the Itv/Utv+1 means you can watch the game a hour later and that suited me perfectly.

A Beer Can Chicken is a nice and slow cook so you can watch a rugby game have a few beers and forget about the chicken till its ready.

So choose your beer and shove the chicken over the can . This will steam the Chicken with the beer keeping it nice and moist and also adding to the flavor of the chicken. There is two ways to do this:1. to use a can of beer 3/4 or 2.) a device that simulates a beer can full of beer but that holds the chicken and maybe cathes the juices from the dripping chicken . I prefer the latter because you can cook/bake some roast veg like potatoes, carrots etc and the juices from the chicken drips on these vegetables when they are roasting.Also a can  sometimes fall over messing the beer and maybe temporarily harming your fire.But I have photos showing both for illustrative purposes .If you don’t have any beer in the house  you can use water with herbs in or wine.

IMG_5605IMG_5609IMG_5612Ok I know it doesn’t look that pretty but trust me when its  finished it will look and taste brilliant! Below you can see the smoke that is adding to the taste of the Beer Can Chicken.


I rubbed the chicken with herbs of my choice .

IMG_5615IMG_5623The vegetables that I will be roasting.Treat this the same as what you will if you were doing it in the oven.    IMG_5617 I  added the vegetables and shoved the sprigs of rosemary in on the top of the chicken.I can smell the lovely steam coming from the beer.

IMG_5630Its starting to get dark now and will be switching the lights on.

IMG_5638 IMG_5648

IMG_5656I rapped the chicken and roast vegetables in tin foil to rest and not to loose heat when carrying into the house from outside as it is a cool autumns night in Ireland.

Thank you for reading and sharing this step by step Beer Can Chicken on the BBQ with me I am going to eat my dinner now.


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