BBQ year of blogging and End of season for most

It was a year ago that I started the public “BRAAI” life of facebook BBQ MASTERCLASS and website blog to inform people online about my bbq /braai adventures .

IMG_1855During this time I have met some lovely people and made great contacts in the world of BBQ/Braai. Not only have I met some famous people in the industry but also met some wonderful people that have taken the time to have a look at what I am saying and doing . I would like to thank you all for the support and time to look at my facebook , blog and tweets.

I also had a lot of support from some of these influential  people or well know BBQ people that took the time  to either mention me in their blogs, tweets,facebook etc.

Not to leave anybody out or to give anybody any preferential treatment I SALUTE YOU ALL. And thank you for taking the time !

Although myself and a few hardcore Barbeques”ers” wil carry on bbq from now on I accept that the traditional season of BBQ in Ireland and also UK is coming to a end now. But if I can ask you try try once or twice from now to December please do . And then if you want to maybe once or twice from January  til summer I will be very impressed .

I was on top of a mountain BBQ this week and was very cross with myself when I realized I had no camera or video camera with me .

I will still carry on so please check regularly what I do and get up to . As you know by now if you been following ,me regularly I Braai /BBQ in every weather condition possible .

Thank you







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