BBQ with my friend KAMADO JOE


I very seldom get any invites to any BBQs as I am the person that would normally have to do the BBQ at my house or be expected to BBQ when I am away. But I am very lucky to say that one of my friends Bobby Brennan AKA, MR, KAMADO JOE ( The owner and founder of KAMADO JOE) grew up in my village in Ireland and his family still lives here. Because Bobby lives in America and is so busy traveling the world promoting and manufacturing his brilliant KAMADO JOE he isn’t home much in Ireland. Everybody wants a slice of him. I saw his cousin yesterday and I said that Bobby and I managed to BBQ the previous day and his response was “I didn’t even know he was here”. My response was – sorry he is leaving for Germany at 4am to go to a BBQ show. Myself and Bobby have been talking and planning a BBQ now for over a year and it almost didn’t happen this time either due to our schedules.

The KAMADO JOE is a great piece of kit  and it is constantly being improved or updated with newer accessories and fittings! It’s such a versitle BBQ and offers many options to its user. New additions or upgrades are compatible to older Kamado Joe’s  which means that you have a BBQ for life. We also spoke about the brilliant and very flexible  JOE JR .  and the amazing PRO JOE that is a pretty beast of ingenious engineering.

It was an almost unplugged BBQ session between mates but it was very hard not to take a few photos. Normally I have to do all the cooking and taking photos myself so this was a treat watching Bobby do his magic.

We had 2 Kamado Joes going at the same time in different sections of the garden and the brilliant thing is that they are some of the first ones of the EMPIRE. One being a very first Kamado Joe when Bobby started  and the other with some upgrades.

We have very harsh damp weather in Ireland and these are kept outside in the salty air , on the shoreline in the harbor since I think 2008/ 2009 and they still look brand new.

What I thought was very clever was the deflector plates and Bobby says there is also other newer deflector plates that split to allow you to do one part of the grill Direct and the other part Indirect.

When at one stage after many hours of cooking we lifted the deflector plate to check the charcoal I was reminded how economical and long these Kamado Joes seem to cook with a small amount of charcoal. This is the business for long cooking periods and also very cost effective if you are doing a lot of BBQ/Grilling. I find that living in Ireland with our cooler windy climate any type of BBQ with a lid is a necessity and the Kamado Joe meets this criteria. People that have been following me for a while know that I love cooking food in “Potjiepots”, South African cast iron Dutch ovens and can’t wait to try one of my beloved  Dutch ovens in the Kamado Joe.




The grates also seam to be a very flexible convenient application and can split to allow different zones and heights



IMG_4647You all know that I am a wood/ lumpwood charcoal man by choice and this slogan on the Kamado Joe hat that Bobby is wearing is so true when it comes to the quality of food you can produce on the Kamado Joe.


IMG_4648IMG_4725IMG_4723IMG_4736IMG_4638IMG_4737IMG_4738IMG_4740IMG_4745Look at these ribs being sliced with a type of antique butter knife as if they were butter.

IMG_4760I brought some Boerewors ( South African Sausage) and a Tomahawk  with me ! Look at the flames appear from the fat dripping out of the sausage.


A very happy and proud Bobby admiring his handiwork – living the dream!





We wrapped the Tomahawk in tin foil to keep it  warm and rest on the side of the bbq. Then opened the vents up top and below.  Although it wasn’t a hot day but the wind was very fresh and the Kamado Joe didn’t have any problems performing. The lid was open for a long time, see below photos how quickly the thermostat rose within less than 5 minutes from opening the vents. Which I thought was brilliant considering we were all wearing fleeces.









Added a few drumsticks as it was approaching dinner time and it was all was coming together rather nicely.IMG_4718


Pulled pork.


What a great day and can’t wait for our next BBQ!!!!!!!!!!

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