BBQ Stone baked Pizza , Boerewors, Wine and Good Company.

Its getting much colder now as the winter is here . But as you all know I am a all weather BBQ man. And always tell people that bbq is a all year round event .

A few nights ago myself and a very dear friend decided to make pizzas , drink some lovely Italian red wine that another friend brought home from one of the vineyards that he regally visits in Italy and Boerewors. pizza boerewors 003

It was a lovely night with no wind . Not the warmest at 4,5 degrees but a calm night . So we decide to make the fire in my CADAC Kettle Charcoal Pro. If you make a pizza in this its like a authentic wood fired oven that has that distinctive natural wood smokey smell and taste that you would normally find in a WFO in Italy. Ok go back a step it has to be either lumpwood charcoal or proper wood to replicate this. You all know I only use the real stuff .pizza boerewors 005

Please don’t think that you have to have the special cheese Mozzarella  or this or that its all about using what you have in the house. Because it was two lads sitting outside  BBQ there wasn’t that many photos or stages of photos . So what I did is mix some Cheddar cheese and Sheep’s cheese . Sheep’s cheese is a favorite of mine on Pizza . Due to the stronger color of the yellow Cheddar it obviously over powered the color of the white sheep’s cheese . You could also mix Mozzarella and Cheddar if you don’t have enough mozzarella or what your taste preference is .The higher north you go in Italy the less cheese they have on the pizza and that’s the way I like my pizza.

pizza boerewors 007The advantage about using a pizza stone or doing it on some form of ceramic stone or clay brick is it replicates the hearth of a Woodfired pizza oven (WFO) and gives you that perfect crust that is crunchy at the bottom but damp soggy above with the toppings of your choice. Again its better to have less than more . Don’t skimp on the tomato sauce. But less means quicker cooking time . You don’t want the bottom to burn and the topping not properly cooked .

Do try to make your own dough . Its very easy and so much better to know whats in it. Homemade dough is the business!

We BBQ the Boerewors separately on the grate and ate it with the pizza but not on the pizza as a topping. I did fold one or two of the cooked pizzas like a Calzone and and put the boerewors in side it . SO like a pizza hotdog ! Man that was lovely.  ANd the wine was just so special with all of this . Myself and my friend ate and drank like kings and really enjoyed it out there .




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