BBQ Restaurant Lanzarote — M’es Igual Casa Marcos

IMG_4410 Recently I was in Lanzarote and stumbled onto this wonderful place M’es Igual Casa Marcos. I had walked past here a few times on the way to the beach and every time I saw a few local (Spanish) faces. I always consider this as a good sign when I am abroad in a country . My rule is eat where the locals will eat . Not only will you get good value for money but some of the best food.     

I can never understand why you see the same people day in and day out in restaurants that serve roast beef dinner and Yorkshire pudding in Lanzarote. Why on earth would you want to eat that in a place like Lanzarote, Spain, Italy or France. Eat what and where the locals eat and you might learn something. I have spoken to people that might have gone to Lanzarote 8 years running and have never had a Paella or ever tried sangria!

I wish I had taken more photos but didn’t want to annoy Marcos the owner or any of his guests. Marcos has a great way about him and showed me around his grill and restaurant. The photos that I do have dont justify the GOOD meat/food , service and atmosphere. One of my few visits I even saw one of the waiters /managers from another meat restaurant in the other side of the town as a patron in M’es Igual Casa Marcos.He told me that Marcos is a wonderful cook and they often come there for Spanish Themed food nights.

But to get back to the BBQ! Marcos has a real grill that he BBQ over lump wood charcoal.You can see the bags of charcoal on the sides in the photo. This is what attracted me to this place smelling the lovely smells. I was like a blood hound when I smelled a aroma that  I am too familiar with. Meat and lump wood charcoal smoke! This BBQ is on nearly all the time that he is open for business which I think is wonderful.

Trying to get shelter from the hot mid day sun I escaped to M’es Igual Casa Marcos, for my first visit. Marcos made a little appetizer /Tapas while we were having drinks to cool down. It was veal on small little toasted type chabatta bread ( not sure what they call this bread in Spanish)  .

Then the next time I asked for the Fillet Veal Steak Rare as a meal.Its the last photo at the bottom. It was cooked to perfection and was beautiful.Its very seldom that somebody can have a steak with tell tale signs of grilling /charing marks and still have it entirely  rare on the inside. I was standing next to him when he was BBQ it and the meticulous attention that he gave the steak but still doing it with little effort was amazing to watch.Every angle and corner of that steak came into contact with the grill and if you see the shape of the veal steak in the last photo on the bottom you will know that wasn’t easy to do. And it was so tasty I am still dreaming about it!

I wish I spent more time there and should have done some more cooking with Marcos as I am sure he would have taught me loads. He also will create some wonderful vegetarian meals for you if you ask .They had mention of a few recognitions from Trip Advisor on their brochures/ menus  but I see that he has won some award again Excellence  for  2014 from Trip Advisor since I was there . Congratulations   —M’es Igual Casa Marcos!






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