On Saturday  6 April we had 9 students .  People always ask me what to expect and what will be covered? Well the students were amazed on the weekend. When it came to breaking for lunch and I informed them that we going to break for lunch and I will be making you so and so they said they have had enough food  and don’t need lunch?  Well they amazed themselves as they gladly  tucked into some more food for lunch. We were constantly tasting / eating what we were making and I think that’s why lunch came as such a big surprise ! YES AND EVERYTHING WAS MADE ON THE BBQ!!!!     Enjoy


We covered gas, charcoal bbq’s .Talked about smoking food . Health and safety . Types of charcoal  and the importance  of using good quality wood and charcoal . Different types of accessories and tools of the trade . Cooking methods with the different types of cuts and meats like fish , beef , chicken and lamb. Loads of topics were covered before we started to BBQ and then some more instruction and tips followed while doing the BBQ . We made pizzas on the BBQ and after all the fish and meat we also made 2 desserts. We also talked about other dessert options.























I post  more photos on my  album on  facebook    and its set up that you dont need a facebook accountzVCu0Hmi2ZFgCZkbDpEGoA6wK2thQjQjQuaYilKjTJk.



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