BBQ Bread, Pizza, Flat bread, Stick Bread, Toasties and bread on the BBQ.

I have been very busy doing things that I use to do as a child and experimenting with different doughs and BBQ baking related topics.Although meat is something that I take as a given ingredient for a BBQ I still like to see variety and also enjoy cooking non meat additions to a BBQ. I always say anything can be done on a BBQ.

If you have ever spent time in South Africa you will notice that we are big time carnivores but would also have seen “BRAAI BROODJIES”  BBQ Toasties . AS I child I use to love these but was also fond of seeing the strings on the toasties holding it together.  The basic 2 slice sandwich toasties but done on the BBQ. This can be done either on a Grate that closes on both sides and you turn the entire toasty sandwich when you turn the grate or you can simply take string thread and bind the toasties like a parcel to keep together or just flip gently so it won’t fall apart. The toppings are your choice as you would normally do a toasted sandwich and try to experiment also with different ingredients . Its nice to make a few different ones and eat together when you having your steaks or meats that you have chosen for your meal. You will be surprised what a hit something as simple as this will be with the meats .( Don’t forget to butter the exposed side )

This morning I made a normal dome round loaf outside on a little gas portable Kettle BBQ that I have and it was great fun . Just used normal flour with some fresh chopped up basil . You can add anything additional or just as is.  It’s nice to add sun-dried tomato also but because it was intended for breakfast I just kept it simple . Within 35 min it was ready and really enjoyed it with my coffee. I had some pieces just with Kerrygold butter and some with olive oil and tomato . It all went down a treat with some lovely Italian coffee. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Pizza is another favorite of mine and love doing pizza in a BBQ as you can get lovely smokey flavour from it . No its not quite a Woodfired Pizza Oven (WFO) but as I have experience in baking with a real WFO its not far off. It all depends on what dough you using how you making it and on what . And that’s what I have been experimenting with on what and what dough! When it come to BBQ  Gas/Charcoal, Stone or Grate. With all these nice accessories that’s available on the market there is no excuse but to make lovely fresh homemade Pizza on your BBQ.

When we were kids we use to make stick bread by taking a thick stick and dough that we would role like a sausage in our hands. This dough sausage would then be coiled tightly around this stick to create a role that has a coil or weaved look to it . Then once cooked over the fire you would slide it off the stick  and depending on the thickness of the stick you would put a sausage BOEREWORS in the hole or you would slice the side open like a role and put your sausage then in it with relish and mustard or what ever was around . Sorry I was to busy trying it this week and forgot to take a photo.

I do love making BBQ flat bread , bread on the grate of the BBQ and then again it doesn’t matter if you use gas or charcoal but I prefer to do it on a Charcoal or wood burning fire. This can be done using pizza dough or just normal bread dough and using a olive oil mix that you brush on to keep it moist .


All this messing around really brought back good childhood memories . The funny thing is that a lot of it was done out in the bush by kids with no adults around.  I was trying to recall when I started cooking outside with no adults and can confidently say that I use to cook with pots and pans and on top of grates since I was 10yrs . I did make fires and BBQ with adult guidance for many years before I was ten . Its a part of normal childhood to be involved with the BBQ from when you start almost walking but cant recall exactly when I was aloud to make the fire and bbq with adult supervision. I know I shot my first wild boar at the age of 10yrs and my first  antelope at eleven and that was  done without adult supervision out in the bush. But I do recall a mate and myself around 11yrs cooking in the bush by ourselves and a pot of boiling water falling over and him getting scalded on his bare feet! But next weekend we were out doing the same things again with some more caution! Africa is a wonderful place for a child to grow up and really miss it sometimes. Yes and there is loads more of Bread related baking that we done but dont want to bore you today but will touch on this topic again and mention one of my favourites “Mielie brood ” Corn bread and also baking in a disused ants heap like my forefathers did. Its like a Cobb oven that was build by the ants .  But because there isn’t to many ants heaps here in Europe I wont bore you with that .

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