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I have been quite with my blogging and very busy barbequing for two reasons. 1.) The weather has been great and having so much fun. 2.) And know that everybody is doing the same and having fun . I have had loads of emails and photos from people telling me that they done this or that and loved it . One of my BBQ masterclass past participants has become a BBQ master in his own way and been cooking up a storm . Your man has been doing rabbit and multiple  dishes/ meats on the bbq and even had 3 different bbq going the other day when he had his family over for a day cooking multiple meats. Never had I thought that people will walk away from my class and become so radically motivated to do all this so soon. That person knows who he is and I congratulate you on your BBQ achievements up to date.





pa potjie pap en sous braai 014

Last week Thursday  I had a very memorable Braai/ bbq . I did pap in my number 2 cast iron Potjie pot  and made tomato onion relish sauce in my number potjie pot ,  rib eye steak and lamb chops dirty and boerewors on the grate . It was a lovely feast and sort of what I call back to basics . Fire from dry hard wood logs with a little bit of lumpwood charcoal mixed in .


When you do multiple things like this you need a big bbq as the pots alone take  a lot of space. Or if you dont have a big bbq make a temporary fire pit with big stones or bricks . It was lovely and  really enjoyed it .

pa potjie pap en sous braai 015

Almost empty pots always a good sign


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