About Us


Authentic BBQ

Growing up in South Africa you could almost say that I was born with a BBQ. I was constantly asked by friends and strangers in Ireland to teach them to BBQ and decided there is a need here and set up BBQ MASTERCLASS. South Africans are so passionate about barbecuing that they even have a National BBQ day and no matter what tribe or colour you are we all call it BRAAI. When I first moved to Ireland in the spring the neighbours asked me if there was something wrong with my cooker and if I want to use theirs because I was barbecuing every day. I personally use charcoal and wood due to preference and the way I was brought up. But that said there are some great gas BBQs on the market and with all the authentic natural wood chips etc that you can add it makes it just as good. Gas can be very easy and quick to cook on which is sometimes a bonus in Irish weather if you aren’t a die hard. I love to BBQ and have often been spotted doing the Christmas and New Years breakfast fries on the BBQ.  I want to pass on some of the knowledge that I have gained over the years and to show you how to have fun with friends and family.

The BBQ Masterclass is held in a lovely setting on the shore of Carlingford Lough with views of the Mourne Mountains across the Lough. Participants can enjoy a walk along the shore before or after the class. Why not make a weekend of it and stay in the medieval village of Carlingford.

Quality Meat

I will show you there is more to barbecuing than only sausages and burgers. They have a time and a place and don’t want to either disregard them. Its important to find a good butcher that can not only provide you with good quality meat but also know what cuts will be best suited to fit your requirements. Fish is a lovely meal on a BBQ and has so many possibilities. Steak is most likely the most popular thing after burgers and sausages. It’s important to know the different cuts and methods to best cook them. Chicken is another underrated meat as most people don’t know the many methods of cooking on a BBQ.  From making your own kebabs to cooking a entire chicken or chicken fillets.

Foolproof Recipes

BBQ can be a fool proof concept and can be duplicated time and time again. I will show you how to make your own homemade gourmet burgers , kebabs and even fun dessert .

Health and Safety

Health and safety is very important when it comes to barbecuing, not only to have a successful gathering be it family or friends but to guarantee the well being of your guest. Safe handling of food and fire is vital and will be covered in the BBQ Masterclass .