24 September 2013 national BBQ day in South Africa (National BRAAIDAY)

Today is national Braai day in South Africa . Just shows you how seriously they take Braai/BBQ to declare it a National day that’s part of heritage

braaiday2013 005

Because i live in Ireland I had to do my version  with a Irish theme so decided due to living on a Island it has to be fish and being a paddy in Ireland we had to have loads of potatoes . So I made loads of potato parcels from my local potatoes just a few fields away from the local farmer called Brendan Rafferty .  These parcels each had different herbs and  spices to create a little surprise with each one . SO not one tasted the same .

braaiday2013 009

The fish one a white fish in a tray with loads of nice stuff for flavor and the other a oily fish salmon tail just on the grate with some herbs. Loads of lovely ingredients but today is just about the “NATIONAL BRAAI DAY”

braaiday2013 015

Oh yes and a few shots of good Irish Whiskey . I chose some of my Teeling Whiskey .

braaiday2013 020

What a great BBQ DAY in Ireland .

braaiday2013 026

braaiday2013 025braaiday2013 018braaiday2013 023

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